Sound Stories

Listen to a collection of audio interviews with influential Yukoners. These are personal stories from Yukoners sharing their experiences of equality milestones, adding depth and richness to the statistics. The stories emphasize many of the successes, challenges, and changes in Yukon over time and speak to the diversity of voices necessary for a conversation about equality.

(Interviews and Audio Production: Ellie Gordon-Moershel)

Adeline Webber


Adeline Webber was born and raised in the Yukon where she has been involved with women's issues since the mid-seventies, particularly in leadership development with Aboriginal women. Adeline is of Inland Tlingit ancestry. She is a former President of the Whitehorse Aboriginal Women's Circle, and an Assembly of First Nations advisor.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Angela Code

Angela Code is a filmmaker, activist and artist. Angela is passionate about Indigenous language and culture revitalization. She is part of the initiatives ‘Our Voices’ and ‘ReMatriate,’ and recently directed her first feature length documentary film, We Are Our Language.

(Photo credit: Angela Code)

Angelique Bernard

Angélique Bernard is originally from Montréal. She has been involved in the Yukon Francophone community, as a paid employee and a volunteer, for the last 20 years.

(Photo credit: Goverment of Yukon)

Ann Maje-Raider

Ann Maje Raider was the first democratically elected Chief of the Liard First Nation and one of the founding members of the Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society. She currently serves as Executive Director of the Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society which is part of a comprehensive healing strategy to address the physical and sexual abuse of residential schools.

(Photo credit: Ian Stewart/Yukon News)

Audrey Maclaughlin

Audrey McLaughlin is a long time Yukon resident. She was Member of Parliament for the Yukon, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada and has been extensively involved in women’s issues, nationally and internationally.

(Photo credit: Audrey Maclaughlin)

Barb McInerney

Barbara McInerney is an activist, advocate, feminist, mother and grandmother who has worked in the anti-violence movement since 1990. She is the Executive Director of the Yukon Women’s Transition Home Society and she was involved in a recent review and current implementation and evaluation of Yukon’s police force for a project called Together for Safety. 

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Betty Irwin

Betty Irwin is an inter-provincially certified tradesperson, former business owner and founder of Yukon Women in Trades and Technology which promotes careers in trades to both adults and youth. Betty received the Commissioner's Award for Public Service in 2006 and is currently serving her third term on City Council.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Adeline Webber was born and raised in the Yukon where she has been involved with women's issues since the mid-seventies, particularly in leadership development with Aboriginal women. Adeline is of Inland Tlingit ancestry. She is a former President of the Whitehorse Aboriginal Women's Circle, and an Assembly of First Nations advisor. - See more at:

Chase Blodgett

Chase Blodgett is an advocate for transgender and gender nonconforming people and the founder of All Genders Yukon.

(Photo credit: Yukon News)


Diane Strand

Diane Strand is a born and raised Yukoner and a member of the Champagne & Aishihik First Nations where she presently works. Diane is also attending Langara College studying Integrative Energy Healing and she spends most of her free time with her dance family, the Dakwakada Dancers.

(Photo credit: Heather Jones/HPJ Photography)

Jamie and Kelly Skookum

Kelly Skookum is the mother of 10 year old Jamie Skookum, who has identified as a transgender girl since she was 2 years old. They live in Carmacks, Yukon.

Jan Langford

Jan Langford is a long time Yukon resident of over 20 years. Jan has volunteered for the Yukon Status of Women Council, the Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre and OptiMSt women’s newspaper for many years.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Jessica Frotten

Jessica began wheel-chair racing in 2013, and has since gone on to represent Yukon and Canada at the national and international level. Her most recent accomplishments include two bronze medals at the 2015 Parapan American Games in Toronto and competing in the 2015 International Paralympic Committee athletics world championships in Doha, Qatar.  

(Photo credit: Ian Stewart/Yukon News)

Jocelyn Curteanu

Canadian-Filipina Jocelyn Curteanu is the first woman of Southeast Asian descent elected to City Council in the Yukon.  She is a passionate champion of diversity, equality and inclusion in Whitehorse and was instrumental in establishing the city's Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism & Discrimination (CCMARD) Advisory Committee.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Judi Johnny

Judi Johnny was a First Nations woman, fierce advocate for people with disabilities, and beloved member of the Whitehorse community. She passed away in February 2015.

(Photo credit: Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre)

Lillian Nakamura-Maguire

Lillian Nakamura Maguire is a retired adult educator living in rural Whitehorse.  She pursues her interests in writing, digital storytelling, and exploring Black and Asian history in Yukon.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Lois Moorcroft

Lois Moorcroft is MLA for Copperbelt South and a former Minister of Justice, Education and Women’s Directorate in an NDP government. Her feminist research and advocacy focuses on ending violence against women, improving human rights, and respectful, accountable policing in Yukon communities.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Margaret Commodore

Margaret Commodore is a long-time community activist, grandmother, and former member of the Yukon Legislative Assembly, currently residing in British Columbia.  She became the first First Nations woman in Yukon to become a cabinet minister in 1985, as Minister of Health and Human Resources. 

(Photo credit: Margaret Commodore)

Nicole Edwards

Nicole Edwards is a singer-songwriter living in Mount Lorne, Yukon since 1997. Nicole’s extraordinary musical career has taken her across the country, onto stages with some of Canada’s biggest stars and earned accolades from her industry colleagues.

(Photo credit: Nicole Edwards)

Patti Flather

Patti Flather is a theatre artist and writer who co-founded Gwaandak Theatre to empower Indigenous and northern voices. She's most proud of her two strong and incredible daughters.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Robin Hamilton

Robin Hamilton was drawn to the Women’s Directorate on a personal journey to bring justice to places where it did not exist. Women’s right to choose and right to live a life free from violence have been at the core of her work, for over 25 years, in the area of program and policy development. 

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Sally MacDonald

Sally Macdonald has been active in the medical field as a general practitioner in the North since 1978 and the Yukon since 1980. Patient advocacy in all its forms has been an important goal throughout her career.

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)

Shaun LaDue

Shaun LaDue Is an advocate for transgender and gender nonconforming people.

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Stephen Dunbar-Edge

Stephen-Dunbar Edge has been a longtime advocate for the LGBTQ community in Yukon, and with his husband Rob, was instrumental in the Yukon Supreme Court Decision to legalize same-sex marriage in Yukon. He was the Executive Director of the Whitehorse Food Bank from 2010-2015, and continues to be involved in the Food Bank's work as a board member. 

(Photo credit: Government of Yukon)