About this website

How is gender equality in Yukon changing?

For over 30 years, the Government of Yukon Women’s Directorate has provided research, policy advice, funding, and public education with the goal of advancing equality in the Yukon Territory. Part of our work is to provide data to government, women’s groups, and Yukoners to help develop policies and programs that take into account gender differences and effects on Yukon women and men. We also recognize that gender equality is important for trans, two-spirited, non-binary identified people, and other genders.

This site is designed to help all of us work toward equality by providing a wide variety of information, measures, and equality indicators on Yukon women and men. (For more information on what an equality indicator is, click here.)

What will you find here?

This site is an interactive resource that provides data on gender equality in Yukon. It highlights equality indicators, successes, and areas for future action. It includes statistics, a timeline, and sound stories from Yukon people who've been involved in equality work over the past 30 years.

We hope this site will help with three things:

  • Provide a resource for policy and research to increase use of gender-disaggregated data (that is, data sorted by gender). The data can help with analysis and evidence-based decision making on issues of legal, social, and economic equality for all Yukoners.
  • Create a profile of available gender-disaggregated data and prompt further research and discussion.
  • Offer an opportunity to celebrate achievements in equality over the last 30 years and inspire future work.